The Bunker Of Conspiracy (Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, Germany)

If you haven't yet taken an HD virtual tour of MiWuLa, you might want to do yourself a favor, especially if you're an attention-to-detail kind of person.Here's a bonus link to get you started: If you're interested further, please be advised you can now access the miniatur wunderland via google maps so you can explore your own way at your own pace


By: Santorum_2012 (422.90)

Tags: miniatur, wunderland, hamburg, germany, MiWuLa, on, YT, see, you, on, dark, side, of, moon, bring, lunatic, grass, to, breathe, e,clipse, triangle, pyramids, US, them, ordinary, men, money, goldman sachs, great vampire squid, btw, macca, is, a, lefty, lol

Location: Hamburg, Germany

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