The Flood Tides

a look at Life Special from the early 1960's which has a certain resonance with the situation today here in the UK - Floods. Officially this has been the wettest sustained period for 100 years according to the Weather Office.

Nostalgia galore in this period piece but it does have some high tech moments like Teleprinters and other modern marvels....

This is a'Look at Life' film which was produced in the early 1960's by the Rank Organisation ostensibly for showing between Feature and secondary films at cinemas across the country. They covered nearly every type of topic and now they provide a rich seem of archive film showing how 'it used to be'.

Although some L a L films are now available on YT these particular ones aren't from that source (no secondary watermarks) and have come by snail-mail from my secret source (thanks anglo!)