Crime in Rio

I won't transcribe the whole thing, but here it is a quick explanation:
One businessman decided to record the action of robbers from his office in downtown Rio, something that unfortunately became an endemy in that part of the city. You can see how the poolice simply doesn't give a fuck and how the citizens are afraid. So as we say here, we are "entre a cruz e a espada" ( transl: "between the cross and the sword") we can neither rely on the State to provide security nor we can defend ourselves because either the State or the "SJWs' (as you may call them), will find a way to transfer the guilt from the criminals to the citizens. Since you guys probably can't understand portuguese, pay attention to the frustrated faces, from the journalists to the interviewed people.
Btw, the robbers are mostly minors and usually don't stay in jail for long, if at all.

You can read more about it here:

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