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Leftist Infiltrator is Driven From Tea Party in St Louis

...a liberal infiltrator was detected and driven from the Tea Party Rally in St. Louis.There were many incidents of this sort during the Tea Party protests across the nation yesterday,April 15th,2010.

There were similar incidents across the nation at the Tea Parties as leftist infiltrators attempted to give fodder to the liberal main stream media (MSM)who were looking for negative profiles to feature in their broadcasts and publications...

In Greensboro, North Carolina local police put the kibosh on a disguised tea party protester...
The News-Record reported:

" The Tax Day Tea Party in downtown Greensboro ran smoothly Thursday. Everyone sang the patriotic staple “God Bless the U.S.A.,” kids got their faces painted and the parched drank their Liber-Tea.

Well, there was one tiny

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By: Songun
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