Democracy in action and are you all ready to fight for the elites?

The elite have judges who can sway the case against their way.They know to manipulate the court very well. See this case which clearly shows how judges can be bribed and judge can clear the Saudi millionaire of raping the teenager.
Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, invited two women back to his flat after a night out
He had sex with the 24-year-old as her 18-year-old friend slept on the sofa
Teenager claimed she woke to find Abdulaziz forcing himself inside her
But the business claimed he slipped and was today cleared of rape
A Saudi millionaire has been cleared of raping a teenager after claiming he might have accidentally penetrated the 18-year-old when he tripped and fell.

Property developer Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was accused of forcing himself on the young woman as she slept on the sofa in his flat in Maida Vale, west London.

He had already had sex with her 24-year-old friend and said he might have fallen on top of the teenager while his penis was poking out the top of his underwear.

Abdulaziz was cleared of one count of rape following a trial at Southwark Crown Court.

The women met Abdulaziz in the exclusive Cirque le Soir nightclub in the West End on 7 August last year.

Abdulaziz knew the 24-year-old and invited the friends to join him at his private £1,000-a-night table, and later offered them a ride home in his Aston Martin.

The three went back to his apartment, where he offered them vodka before taking the 24-year-old into the bedroom for sex.

The teenager claimed she woke in the early hours of the morning to find Abdulaziz on top of her, forcing himself inside her.

Abdulaziz said he had gone to wake the young woman to offer her a T-shirt to sleep in, or to offer to pay for a taxi home, but that she pulled him on top of her and placed his hand between her legs.

He said: 'I'm fragile, I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened.' He said traces of his DNA could have been found in her vagina because of the fall.

He also said it was possible he had semen on his hands after the sexual encounter with her friend.

During the trial, Judge Martin Griffiths permitted the rare step of allowing 20 minutes of Abdulaziz's evidence to be heard in private.

I think it is better to stay in communist country(Note i dont support communist countries ) where judge dont get swayed or bribed ..We world dont have a proper system .A new system needs to be created to get criminals arrested ..Where they cant use bribery or influence to escape
Right now elites will be interested in nuclear war with russia .Remember these morons are the same people who have got such sort of judges and let each elite escape in similar manner.
We will need to make a better system where elite like these dont escape.

So same way these liars speak about iss coalition,

Etc,etc lie lie and fraud....

If this can happen in United kingdom what about countries like Usa, India,Brazil and all other democratic countries.
People should focus on these issues...rather than ..fake war scenario created by elites to have their agenda fulfilled. .