((Must See)) **Award-Winning Documentary** The Farm: Angola Prison, USA [Part 4 of 4]

The Farm: Angola, USA is a 1998 award-winning documentary set in America's infamous maximum security prison in Angola, Louisiana. It was directed and produced by Jonathan Stack and Liz Garbus.

The film follows the lives of six prison inmates who convey their own personal stories of life, death, and survival in a world that few manage to ever leave. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Bes More..t Documentary Feature.


Burl Cain__Himself (Angola Warden)
George Crawford__Himself
Wilbert Rideau__Himself
Vincent Simmons__Himself
Eugene 'Bishop' Tannehill__Himself
Logan 'Bones' Theriot__Himself
Ashanti Witherspoon__Himself