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Adana Armenian Genocide

Adana video.About 1.5 million Armenians were massacred from 1895 to 1923, and the world closed its eyes while a nation was being exterminated. Their memories will serve as a reminder of what prejudice, racism, nationalism and false progressivism can do if not confronted. Armenian heroes and heroines gave their lives to save shattered Armenia and its tortured people. Ottoman Turkey could not erase Armenia from the face of the earth despite all the efforts of its bloodthirsty Talat and Enver Pasha who organized and ordered dislocation and killing of the Armenian population in Ottoman Empire. The fact that they did not accomplish their evil objective is that Armenia still exists today! And to this day Turkey denies the Armenian genocide happened, but history cannot be hidden or rewritten. (more)

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By: aliveleak
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  • bluexxx: "if i didn't know the history i would probably belive in this post but it is NOT genocide !!! if it is then we should also call genocide for all death terrorist in IRAQ . Armenian people were in the war with Ottoman Empire which was backed by Russia ,well they are still backed by them, ohhhh also France 'Great Human Right Activests' :)...plase take look at the pics...they were all killed by Armenian , these pics are from open source arcive of Turkey
    http://img177.imagesha More..
    In one word you are 'superb'. Thank you very much indeed.

    We, the Turks, are sick and tired of this crazy and slanderous Armenian propaganda which goes on since years.

    Posted Sep-5-2007 By 

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  • bluexxx: "Let's go back to early 1900's and think it that are Ottoman Empire and UK occupied the north east ,France occupied south west,Greece occupied west part of the country and guess what part left for Armenian ...not so hard to guess...East ?..yes..that is exactly what they were doing with Russia and they were the first one attacked...and now you are in war with was a perfect time for them to attack and get their field..beause Ottoman Empire was so bussy to defend himself against other nations so that will be easy for them...No..Nada...they paid for what they in More..
    I am a Turkish man and don't need to add anything else. Everything has been summarized so imppecably above.

    Posted Sep-5-2007 By 

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  • Why should we care, it just promotes age old hatred.

    If you can't defend yourselves then sooner or later someone will persecute you - true in the playground, true in the workplace, true in world history.

    PS - truly crappy music, Andrew Lloyd Webber ?

    Posted Nov-23-2007 By 

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  • armenians were living in Ottoman line together Turks, when we defend ourself against france englang greece and russia, they found a chance to attack Turkish villages, they burned the villages, killed woman and childrens even babies, They betrayed to Turks to get region from Turks. We just had to send them aways, the new Turkish goverment provides vehicles to help them to take their stuffs. Some armenians lives in Turkey at the moment, we dont kill anyone, We didnt kill one of them. They attacked More..

    Posted Nov-13-2008 By 

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  • armenia is such a backward ,cash tsraped,money hungry nation of liars ,what a few pictures ,and were a led 2 believe this ,look at the demographics of adana at time and the armenian population, its nowhere near ,there claims,at most ,some collaborators of the british,and they were conducting ,sabotage intrigue ,and black ops,does the armenians think they were the only cristians ,and other faiths that lived in the ottoman states and turkey ,thier assertion and accusation are baseles and unplausib More..

    Posted Aug-25-2011 By 

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  • your description is innacurate

    1.5 million Armenians died during the genocide from 1915 - 1923

    30,000 died in Adana massacre

    300,000 died in Hamidian massacres 1894 - 1896

    thanks for sharing the video

    Posted Apr-29-2014 By 

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