Bus Driver Blocks Traffic To Help Save Cab Driver

November 29, 2007 RENTON, Wash. -- Police said the man accused of attacking a cab driver Saturday had been told to leave a football game because he was intoxicated prior to getting in the victim?s cab.

bus driver Dave Eagleson stopped his bus behind Singh?s cab.

?He was beating him pretty brutally but he was in his bare feet, oddly enough. I don?t know what that was all about,? Eagleson said.

Eagleson was driving an articulated bus, which he moved to block traffic and protect the two men.

Eagleson had nearly 100 passengers, many of whom wanted to help, but Eagleson wouldn?t allow them off the bus.

?If I?d a opened the door, I would have had people all over the freeway, and our biggest thing is safety first with the people. I just told them to remain on the bus, and I was calling police,? Eagleson said.

When asked if he was proud of his actions, he said, ?No. I just did my job. In fact I was a little bit ashamed not being able to get out and help.?