Raw : Attacks And Aftermath Footage From Israel/Gaza

Group spokesman: All police HQs destroyed; MDA puts staff on highest alert; Hamas vows revenge, says it will never "raise the white flag."

A Hamas spokesperson said that at least 190 people were killed in the attacks. Gaza health official Moawiya Hassanain said earlier that at least 200 people were injured. The death toll rose steadily throughout the day.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a press conference that the IAF had succeeded in eliminating senior Hamas commanders during the offensive. According to witnesses, among the dead was Hamas police chief Maj.-Gen. Tawfik Jaber.

Despite the massive casualties, Hamas remained defiant, vowing revenge and calling on all other Palestinian factions to join in the fight.

"Today we are stronger then we've ever been," one spokesperson for the group said at a press conference. "We won't raise the white flag, we won't give anything up, we won't retreat."

"We call on the Arab states in the region to take a stance against this massacre and not to be satisfied with just condemnations," he continued.

Minutes after the first wave of air strikes hit areas in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinians reported a second wave which targeted installations in the center and the north of the Strip. Channel 2 reported that 60 planes were involved in the attack, and nearly 100 targets were hit.

Hamas's Interior Ministry said that all security compounds in Gaza were destroyed.