The Silent Revolution (documentary) - trailer

The documentary The Silent Revolution explains the revolution involving nearly 3 million kurds living in Syria. With the outbreak of the civil war —in the frame of the called ‘Arab Spring'— the Kurds of Syria have taken advantage of the context to fight for their political and cultural recognition and thus end the repression that started more than 50 years ago.

Today, this historical process the Kurds are living suffers a big informative marginalisationbecause the fight between the Regim and the arab opposition monopolise the journalistic coverage. Our objective is to declare a situation of vital importance for the biggest nation in Middle East without state.

For those reasons, we were in Syria to film a documentary of about 60 minutes to show the life of Kurds focusing on 6 fields: the politics, the education of the Kurdish language, the implication of women in the conflict, the Kurdish militia, the media and the culture.

Directors: David Meseguer and Oriol Gracià.


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