10-year-old boy awarded $174,000 after vaccine caused permanent brain damage and narcolepsy

The family of a 10-year-old boy permanently injured by a vaccine can
sleep a little more peacefully at night after receiving compensation
from the British government for his impairment. Josh Hadfield, from
Frome, Somerset, was four years old when he got the Pandemrix vaccine,
an influenza shot administered to 30 million Europeans in an effort to
combat an alleged science.naturalnews.com/h1n1_influenza.html.
Within weeks, the toddler began exhibiting a host of frightening
symptoms, indicating something was very wrong. Hadfield would sleep for
up to 19 hours a day, and when he was awake, he would suddenly fall
asleep during activities such as walking, eating and swimming. Laughter
sent him spiraling into a seizure, the Daily Mail www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3429659/Boy-10-developed-.

Hadfield was eventually diagnosed with narcolepsy, and he was not the
only one. More than 1,300 people who received the Pandemrix vaccine
developed narcolepsy, “an incurable, debilitating condition that causes
overpowering daytime sleepiness, sometimes accompanied by a sudden
muscle weakness in response to strong emotions such as laughter or
anger,” www.sciencemag.org/news/2015/07/why-pandemic-flu-shot-caused.
Flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy in children under five
It’s now understood that the Pandermrix vaccine, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, is linked to a 14-fold increase in a www.vaccineinjurynews.com/, resulting in the vaccine being removed from the UK market.

But this information came too late to save Hadfield. Despite his
serious and life-altering condition, the government initially refused to
compensate the Hadfield family, arguing that the boy wasn’t “severely
disabled” enough.
In the UK, a Vaccine Damage Payment system is used to compensate
those injured by an immunization. In order to quality, an individual
must be 60 percent disabled and have received the vaccine inside the
country. Eligibility also hangs on whether or not a person was injured
by one of 16 vaccines, some of which include www.truthwiki.org/hpv-human-papillomavirus-gardasil-cervarix, measles, mumps, rotavirus, smallpox, tuberculosis, the flu and whopping cough.
If one does qualify, they may receive £120,000, or about $170,000
USD, but the payment can interfere with a person’s eligibility to
continue receiving government benefits including income support, working
tax credit and pension credit.
Mother launches campaign to fight for vaccine-injured son
Refusing to accept the government’s decision to deny Hadfield
compensation, the boy’s mother, Caroline, 45, fought ferociously, and
eventually won a settlement in the amount of £120,000. Winning was a
“huge relief,” she said.
“It will help secure Josh’s future – it’s just a shame we had to jump through this amount of hoops to get this far,” the Daily Mail quoted Caroline saying. “Josh has had to work incredibly hard because he misses lessons due to sleep and medical appointments.”

She said her son is forced to take at least one to two naps during
the school day, and has gained a significant amount of weight as a
result of his medication. He also suffers from cataplexy, a condition
affecting muscle control for which he showed no symptoms prior to
Vaccine caused child to become 72 percent disabled
The mother and her husband moved forward with legal action after
learning the Pandermrix vaccine resulted in a 14-fold increase in
narcolepsy for children.
“To succeed in the appeal, we had to satisfy the tribunal that he had
a 60 per cent disablement or more and they, in fact, concluded that he
was 72 per cent disabled based upon his present symptoms. They were also
critical of the medical evidence provided by the secretary of state
which they considered had not taken into account the whole picture,”
said Caroline.
“He was a perfectly healthy energetic four-year-old before the
vaccination, but within two weeks he was getting more tired and after
three weeks he was sleeping for 19 hours. Things then developed quickly
and he struggled to walk. Nothing could convince me it was anything but
the jab which caused Josh’s conditions. The Government had a knee-jerk
reaction to swine flu and put out this vaccine, giving it to very young
children,” she said.
Researchers say Pandermrix triggers antibodies that can bind to brain
cell receptors responsible for regulating sleep, causing an autoimmune
deficiency in those genetically at risk.



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