Ukraine: neo-NAZI "heroes" wreck Russian Alfa-Bank in Kiev

A group of neo-Nazi protesters attacked a branch of the Russian Alfa-Bank in Kiev, Saturday, during an anti-government rally on the second anniversary of the Maidan coup's bloodiest and these people want to be a part of civilized Europe....This is who people are defending themselves against in Donbass-genuine nazis, criminals, war criminals run by corrupt gang of clowns in Kyjev...They are evil, capable of any crime and they are dangerous having no regard for the lives of innocent people...But these neo-Nazis are also stupid, which is one of the many reasons they will never defeat people in Donbass...These clowns are capable only to attack innocent civilians and to destroy empty houses but If they wanted to play on soldiers their neo-Nazi ass got kicked by load of workers and miners in Donbass...



By: ethicon (20371.70)

Tags: ukrainian, neo-Nazi, failed state, Ukraine, Alfa-Bank, Ruptly

Location: Russia