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Beck Discusses Mexican Drug Cartels Influx Into America

Last week, Beck discussed this very subject with regional DEA member Rodney Bentson, and Bentson tried to play it off like Atlanta is doing just fine, and is handling the drug problem from the Mexican gang members. Yeah, right.

Even though Glenn points out that Atlanta PD has had to lower their hiring standards to accept and hire people with criminal records, because they can't recruit "clean" people who want to work with the City of Atlanta. (If you live in the Atlanta area, you know all about this.)

Bentson tries to play it off like Atlanta is just doing hunky-dorey, even though Glenn calls him on the APD stats, but Bentson keeps on trying.

Glenn soon loses patience, and you can tell, and his loss of patience is not just his - it's shared by all Georgians at this PR lie being propagated.


Added: Mar-6-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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