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Talented drummer

A very skillful finger drummer [or MIDI drummer].

Each finger plays a different drum instrument [snare, kick, hi-hats, cymbals, ride cymbals, etc] triggered via MIDI through a MIDI controller [keyboard]. Each drum sound is assigned to a different note [key] on the keyboard. The drum kit played here is most likely a VST plug-in, which is a software synthesizer [SoftSynth].

He's only playing the drums with his fingers. Everything else is pre-recorded.

Added: Sep-15-2008 
By: Benji1
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Tags: Music, Musician, Musical, Instrument, Drums, Drummer, Drumming, MIDI, Synth, Synthesizer, Sampler, VST, Keyboard, Controller, Keys, SoftSynth, Jazz, Talent, Fantastic
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