West Supports Kiev as it Escalates its Assault on Eastern Ukraine Shelling Residential Areas (scg)

The Ukraine crisis has become a civil war, and the West is backing the aggressor.

Just one week after being elected Western Ukraine's new president, the billionaire chocolate king Petro Poroshenko, is already showing his true colors. Leading up to the elections, Poroshenko was calling for dialogue with the East, however, now that the elections are over and the Washington elites have given their blessing, he has done a complete about face.

“I am not going to hold any dialogues with the criminals. You don’t talk to terrorists,” he said. “The anti-terrorist operation will not and cannot last for months, it will last just for hours.” Poroshenko told the Kyiv Post on May 26th.

Interesting how Poroshenko refers to the pro-autonomy forces as terrorists, when as of yet the east has not launched one single attack into western territory. Using tanks and gunships to put down a region which carried out referendum to declare its independence = OK, to burn protesters alive in Odessa = OK, for those separatists to defend themselves = TERRORISM.

Whether Poroshenko has actually changed policy (or was lying during the election), or is merely adjusting his rhetoric to hide the fact that he is not in complete control of the forces which are actually carrying out the assault, is another question altogether. In the weeks leading up to the elections, Right Sektor leader, Dmitry Yarosh, called for "extensive guerrilla war" against the federalists in Donetsk and Lugansk, and he claimed that military units made up of Right Sektor fighters were already in the process of being trained.

Related: The Extreme Right Emerging as the Dominant Voice in UkraineEither way, there is an assault underway, and the aggressors are fighting under Kiev's banner. Poroshenko has also made it clear in recent statements that he intends to call on the United States for military supplies and training.

Residential areas in the east of Ukraine are being shelled indiscriminately by western forces, yet the corporate media is still trying to spin this as a result of Russian provocation. For example the BBC ran a story today entitled "Is Russia orchestrating east Ukraine violence?". Yahoo ran a similar article entitled "US troubled by new Ukraine violence" in which they promote the White House's official stance, which condemns the separatists for shooting down helicopters being used to attack them.

The fighting is not likely to end any time soon. At this point there are reports that fighters are streaming in from neighboring countries to assist the pro-autonomy fighters, and Russia has stated that it is willing to provide humanitarian support to the east. Ukraine's Foreign Ministerrejected the offer on behalf of the east.Will Moscow make a move? I don't think anyone knows for sure. Perhaps Putin is waiting to see if Kiev's current offensive will get bogged down like the previous three attempts, in which case he wouldn't need to get involved. Any direct intervention on his part could lead to a full scale war involving the U.S. and NATO forces, and occupying the east is not in Russia's interest. Given the instability, the region is likely to be a thorn in the side of whoever attempts to control it, and if Russia engages in a proxy war by allowing weapons and fighters to cross into eastern Ukraine (which may already be happening), that thorn may end up being in Kiev's side.

credits to scg