My personal Katrina experiences in video and pictures - the day after

I call this the day after, it just when the water went down in this area of Metairie that we were able to get out and check on relatives and friends businesses for those wo remained behind. It was our first outting in the Truck, the day before we had to go by motorboat everywhere. Matairie was not hard hit because the levee broek on the New Oleans side, leaving Metaire with minor flooding and bad wind damage. Some flooding in Metairie was 8 foot deep, in most places a couple feet was the norm.

I urge you to listen carefully to my State EOC radio, especially about what the Governor tells the truck drivers at the Dome. Video is shaky becuse my Wife was new to shooting video and doing it from a moving vehicle. All the pictures were taken by my Wife Helen through out the ordeal, our doing S&R work in New Orleans in the boat we had and some of the later security escorts I was doing. We were busy constantly, day and night, it went on for months. If you want the scoope, take it from first responders, not the mainstream media, Liveleak is Media by the People for the People.

This video is a LiveLeak Exclusive, shown only on Liveleak by Kevin Nardelle of

In case you are wondering why I have not released this video before, its because I really made this one for myself and then I found liveleak, I figured it was the perfect place to release some of my private Katrina footage.


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