US Liberty = Hot Air

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To know about the modern form of Blacklisting and the US railroading political outspoken citizens to prison, you have to look at the past. Dalton Trumbo, a screenwriter, wrote some pretty amazing text which became classic movies. There are too many of those to mention. What is wrong is shown in the documentary, "Trumbo", 2007, which includes many famous actors. The simple solution is presented at end of video.

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Free Speech is getting more and more dangerous in the US. Break no laws and meet others to discuss politics and maybe you'll spend years, or decades in prison. Maybe your family will be broken up. Maybe you'll lose your home and everything you own. Maybe you'll never work again. Average, poor, and rich are suffering just for having a conscience in the US.

We need real change. It must come from the people. Having referendums where politicians don't decide everything, and replacing all judges with Grand Juries would be a start towards a solution.

Video by Steven G. Erickson

Glenn Miller's "In the Mood", the background music was found as a free download, full versions of classic clips have to be paid for: