Christmas striptease for children

NSFW: The Dutch Understand How To Properly Celebrate Christmas

Maybe the town Santa was already booked? Either way, these kids are
going to have to learn that if you sit that close to the stage you are
going to have to throw a few one’s here and there to keep the ladies
happy. Here are the Dutch subtitles broken down in English.

The tenth Christmas at garage Voskes in Medium began with a fashion show.

But later in the evening performed the “Mrs. Claus” a pole dance act on


- A 'Christmas woman' with a pole dance act was the playful action to
the tenth edition of the Christmas market in the Old Garage Voskes
Deventerweg in Medium luster to it. Particularly, that was it. But successful? ,, Well, but far'', laughs organizer Benny Slinkman after uncomfortable.
,, There at the bar they laughed heartily.'' He makes a gesture towards
the large group of people with a beer in hand is relaxed chatting.

But most guests thought the action of the pole dancer highly inappropriate. And the children are over the moon. They would prefer a little between the curtains backstage peek, where almost naked lady behind after her show is gone.

The children with their noses on the stage were, got red cheeks of. She gazed open-mouthed at the 'full' pole dancer in a little veiled Christmas outfit. 'They would
come in Christmas attire'', she proved the organization reported. ,, This dress, well, I did not.''

It was an embarrassing display at the end of the well-attended Christmas in Medium, where perhaps a thousand guests came off.

The fashion show was provided by shops here in Olst and many children and parents showed off the clothes on the catwalk. A cozy club where whole families were involved. The stalls with Christmas items were gladly visited. Though not all benevolent exhibitors a place can get. ,, We have a waiting list,'' says Slinkman. ,, There is room for 26 stalls. There is a lot of enthusiasm, yes, so we had to disappoint people.''