The Age of the Train (1)

(The Pain Train) A True British Transport Film Classic

This is a Railway Film. A Long Film and A Gloriously Off-beat film made by BTF to celebrate the New Age of the Train, the new corporate blue era of British Rail and the advancements in rail travel with 100mph running as standard. Travelling Inter-City was the new word in rail travel and BR was determined to modernise further.

BR was rightfully proud of the massive transition from coal driven steam traction to the cleaner more effiicient electric locomotives. Film makers were hired to make a set of films commemorating this move, this is one of them.

This particular film makes irreverent fun out of events which leads to delays and lost connections, it is very dry in it's humourous tone!

1960's cinematic style coupled with some wonderful jazz music makes this film truly great (7.15 - 11.00ish) for those who like such things!
- video encodings still in process -

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