Military Map of Northeastern Latakia Governorate, Syria 2013-08-05


Syrian rebels launched a fresh offensive in Latakia Governorate yesterday. Reports from both sides show big differences, It seems that rebels acquired some gains by initial attacks, but SAA's counterattacks also was effective. let' wait and see.

I found a rare detailed map on the Jabal al-Akrad(the Kurdish Mountains, northeastern Latakia) frontline, brought here to share with LL mates.

Source :
(pro-government, 1 hour ago)

The original map(top) was marked only in Arabic, I wrote several hot places in English. Then made and added two maps utilizing Wikimpia images to help your understanding. The middle map covers a little broader area than the top map. The bottom map is a zoom-out map of northern Latakia Governorate.

Cedric Labrousse also made a post on the event with a map. But it's too rough. Anyway leave the link for reference.(He thinks Jihadists captured Kafaria);amp;set=a.224155897621305.50803.217139528322942&type=1&theater

Welcome any comment for correction.