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Obama Administration has set back race relations DECADES...Miserable Failure.

Obama has set race relations back decades

Race Relations Set Back Decades
Political discord has caused division in our nation since before its creation. It's a byproduct of citizens having different points of view on various issues, and it will never cease to exist.

But, under an Obama presidency, if we disagree with the president, we are all racists. How ludicrous is that? Do I detect a little desperation on the part of the Obama Administration and their lackeys in the American Pravda?

America has come a long way since the days of slavery. Obama won the presidency because white people voted for him. His victory should have ended divisions between races. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should have been sent packing, with nothing more to complain about. Wouldn't that have been wonderful?

Instead, thanks to the mainstream media and the Obama Administration, the issue of race is


Added: Sep-23-2009 
By: Awsomatic
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