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Barack Obama = Miserable Failure

Here’s the hope and change that 52% of America (or 33% of eligible voters) voted for:

Promise to Immediately End the War in Iraq: Broken. The withdrawal deadline is the same as Bush’s. Obama lied, troops died.

Promise to Reach across Party Lines: “We won”. Promise broken from day one.

Promise of Transparency: Obama’s pledge to post legislation for public comment on the White House website five days before he sealed any deal? Continually broken. The first bill he signed into office (the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), The Stimulus-in-name-only Bill that no one had time to read, The Obamacare Bill that no one had time to read, “townhall” meetings full of handpicked liberals with prescreened questions… to name a few.

Promise to Bring the Country Together: Broken. Telling the “rich” that he would be spreading their wealth around, bailing out the United Widget M


Added: Jul-31-2009 
By: MarkusMarone
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