Orthodox Jewish paper and rabbi leader blast the anti-IDF draft protesters as inflamed mob

Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, one of the main leaders of the Orthodox community, attacked the radical Jerusalem Faction over the battle its members have been waging against the IDF draft law in recent days calling them an "empty and reckless flock without a shepherd." In a letter to the Orthodox Jewish weekly newspaper Yated Ne'eman, the rabbi implicitly criticized the leader of the protesters faction, Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, and described his students as a flock without a shepherd, who lack piety and commit acts of desecration of the Torah – “I have been sick to my stomach over recent harm to the sanctity of the Torah, which has been degraded to the very depths of hell by some empty and reckless youths," Kanievsky wrote. "Woe to us that this is the case today." In an editorial published by the Orthodox newspaper following Kanievsky's letter, the members of the Jerusalem Faction were called an inflamed mob and public desecrators.


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