Two youngsters rape 19 years old, film and upload it on facebook

An extremely disturbing crime happened in France last weekend. A nineteen
(18?) year old female was raped by two youngsters who later uploaded
the video of their glorious achievement on facebook.

The video has been widely watched before being reported to the police who later arrested the two culprits.

Here is a picture of the two youngsters who have been arrested

Liberal media are stating that the woman was "consent" and that they are investigating the crime. The PC media forget to say that the woman was drugged and then raped (visible in the video). She was found the day after in the apartment of one of the suspects and taken to hospital.

The director of the AFP (Agence France-Presse, the French "Reuter agency") stated that : " The rape might not be a crime, but uploading or making the video public is one "


By: CrushCommunism (2044.80)

Tags: Rape, liberalism, communism, socialism, immigration, immigrants

Location: Perpignan, France