Israel threatens Press TV Syria reporter over Golan photos

On Thursday, Press TV crew stationed in Syria near Israeli occupied Golan Heights released photos of Israeli soldiers speaking to Nusra Front militants. Our correspondent in the area Hamad Awidat now says he’s been contacted and threatened by the Israeli army. He earlier spoke to Press TV's Waqar Rizvi.

The photos have already stirred a heated debate on social media. Hamad Awidat says an Israeli army officer asked him if he has taken more pictures and that from now on everything will change for him, the Israelis will not forget his name and he'd better be careful. According to Awidat, cooperation between militants who belong to al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria and the Israelis is nothing new and local people have witnessed several encounters between the two sides. Last week, the Israeli army arrested a Syrian citizen who had released a video showing militants crossing into occupied side of Golan to meet with Israeli agents.

Also see this video (Photos obtained by PressTV show alleged Nusra terrorists next to Israeli soldiers):