Two girls holding hands while running across the street is hit by a car

at a distance of about 20 meters ahead of the red light junctions, two girls trotted from the right side of the road, straight through the traffic attempt to run across the road to the opposite When they were about to reach the green belt at the middle of the road, they were flown by the side of the car and fiercely fell to the ground.

It is understood that at that time, the accident vehicle was accelerated in order to catch the red light ahead. After the incident the students were promptly sent to medical treatment, it is learned that the injury is not light. At present, traffic police departments have been involved in the investigation, the cause of the accident and the accident personnel are under further investigation.


By: stainless (40033.10)

Tags: children, running, across, street, holding, hands, hit, car, accident, red light

Location: Qujing, China