Abbott's "shirt-front" failed

Tony Abbott has appeared to wander the length of the APEC Summit's podium looking for a place before he was guided behind the man he promised to "shirtfront" - Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The two were among world leaders dressed in traditional Chinese garb and staging smiles for the APEC Summit "family photo" in Beijing, China, earlier today.

Mr Abbott has previously said he would "shirtfront" Mr Putin - an AFL term referring
to a "fierce tackle" - but in recent days he has toned down his rhetoric and even praised Russia's pledge to do what it could to bring the perpetrators to justice. "Good on Russia for saying that" he said yesterday.

All in all it looked like a Star Trek crew photo opportunity with comanders up front and junior officers behind.

After the photo session ended Putin walked away chatting with Chinese President Xi Jinping leaving Abbott in his wake according to journalists at the event.