Jerusalem: Ultra-Orthodox protest,clash with police

Thousands of Ultra-Orthodox Jews protested outside Jerusalem's IDF recruitment center in wake of ongoing discussion regarding haredi enlistment reform being put forward. The rally quickly turned violent, resulting in the injuries of six officers and five protesters. Eight protesters were arrested.

The protest was held at the initiative of the most radical of haredi factions – the Eda Hahredit – against what they dub the "enlistment edicts," currently threatening yeshiva students. They were joined by a number of more mainstream haredi rabbis. On the other side of the street a small number of haredi soldiers were holding a counter protest against draft dodging.

Through megaphones and leaflets, the protest's organizers called on protesters to refrain from provocation, but clashes between protesters and police nonetheless ensued.

There are additional reports of objects being thrown in the direction of both police forces and haredim currently serving in the IDF.

One of the protest speakers said the gov. of Israel declared a religious war against them and the protesters are willing to give thier souls in this fight.,7340,L-4380646,00.html

First photo: Wounded Police officer during the clashes with the Ultra-Orthodox

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