Man Facing Charges Dragged Screaming From Court

Sister rushes to his aid. Police Say Man Threatened Mother With Ax Over Cigarettes November 28, 2007
LACONIA, N.H. -- A man charged with threatening to kill his mother with an ax was dragged screaming out of court Wednesday morning.

Raunie Amadon, 24, was charged with criminal threatening when he was arrested Tuesday night. Police said he was arguing with his mother over cigarettes when he grabbed an ax and threatened her.

During his arraignment Wednesday morning, Amadon was dragged from the court while screaming obscenities as someone who identified herself as his sister rushed to his side.

Police said they were called to his apartment on Union Avenue shortly before 10 p.m. on a report of a domestic disturbance.

"During the disturbance, the son retrieved a double-edged ax from the closet and threatened to kill his mother with it," Sgt. Chris Adams said.

During the hearing, Amadon kept looking back at his family in the second row, occasionally shedding a tear. A prosecutor asked that cash bail be set, saying it was a relatively minor incident that set Amadon off and led him to grab the ax.

"It arose out of an issue over his mother refusing to buy him cigarettes or not being able to afford to buy him cigarettes that upset Raunie," prosecutor Jim Sawyer said.

The judge agreed and set bail at $5,000 cash or surety. As his mother left the court, she said that she did no consider her son to be a threat to her safety.

Amadon was scheduled to return to court on Dec. 10 for a probable cause hearing, but that could be delayed because the judge ordered that a competency hearing be held.