Alleged "sarin gas hand grenade" is most likely a non-lethal crowed control grenade

There have been some pictures surfacing all over the web of these items,
claiming they are connected to the reports about incidents involving nerve gas in
Syria. I took the time to write this post since there seem to be a few points
over looked by people rushing to conclusions:

N.R. Jenzen-Jones uploaded a very enlightening featuring pictures
of some similar tear gas grenades, so even without knowing the first thing
about nerve agents, one can see these items appear to have a design of a tear
gas grenade.

As sarin (GB) is an extremely potent nerve agents, most known designs of
sarin deliverance systems make use of the fact that sarin, like other G-agents
is created by a reaction between a chemical called methylphosphonyl difluoride
(DF) and the appropriate alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol in the case of sarin). In
this binary design, the two chemicals mix only prior to use, preferably in midair,
so in case of a leak the soldiers would only be exposed to a less dangerous chemical.
The canisters in question are obviously of unitary design, not likely to be
used with sarin.

A much more likely scenario of sarin gas been used by the rebels, is the
use of captured artillery rounds, possibly without even realizing what they
are. On May 17, 2004, US troops in Iraq were exposed to sarin gas while examining
the remains of an exploded IED. It appears the insurgents were not aware that a
155mm Iraqi artillery shell they incorporated in the IED, was in fact an Iraqi
binary sarin gas round. Luckily for the soldiers, since the round wasn't used
the way it was the designed to be used (ie fired from a canon), the two
chemicals didn't mix properly and the soldiers only suffered minor injuries.

I personally trust the reports of nerve agent used in Syria, as they
came from several different governments. But it appear a smoking gun has yet to
present itself (at least not publicly).