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Turkish Cobras continue hunt for pkk terrorists

Turkish Cobras hunt terrorists in Turkish territory. But Air force continue flight on N.Iraq.
Last news from operations:
-Pkk attacks a school bus in Diyarbakir city(5 died, 67 wounded - a lot of children)
-Turkish police arrested 2 bombers in Diyarbakir city and a lot of suspected.
-Turkish Gendarmerie found 14 kg. C-4 in Bursa city.
-Turkish soldiers captured 2 terrorists(alive) in Silopi/SIRNAK
-Turkish police arrested 1 terrorist in Mugla city
-Turkish Gendarmerie captured 1 terrorist in Agri city
-Turkish soldiers captured 4 terrorists in Birecik/URFA city
-Turkish soldiers found 865 kg food in a cave(Adakli/BINGOL city)
-Turkish soldiers found 500 kg ammonium nitrat(for bombs) in a cave.

Sources: TAF - Turkish Armed Forces

Added: Jan-3-2008 
By: omurpasha
Iraq, Middle East
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