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News Media Scrub Cop Murderer’s Manifesto of Pro-Obama,MSNBC, CNN, Gay, and Anti-Gun Comments

While we pray for those murdered and
everyone who might be in danger, we cannot forget that the media and its
allies in the Democratic Party have set a standard when it comes to
reporting on the possible political motives of mass murderers. Though
they generally make things up to turn the death of innocents into a
talking point against the Right, it is still the left who set this
And what do you know, Chris Dorner, the
former police officer suspected of being behind the murder rampage
presently unfolding in Los Angeles, has apparently left behind a manifesto
addressed to America that the media are already selectively reporting
on to leave out the more inconvenient portions. You see, there is no
political upside for the media to reveal the politics of this suspected madman.
What is

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Added: Feb-7-2013 
By: Bob_Lablaw
Tags: Chris Dorner, cop killer, media cover-up, Obama, MSNBC, CNN, Gay, Anti-Gun
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