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The Bin Laden Story They Don't Want You to See
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Is Bin Laden's Death a Psy-Op to Expand War on Pakistan?

By now you know Osama Bin Laden was recently killed by US Special Forces in Pakistan. He was supposedly living the high life there with the rich and super rich of that country.

But wait a minute.

We know for years that the Bin Laden Videos that were released to frighten a gullible public were faked.

As I previously wrote a few years back:

The fake Bin Laden videos likely point to one of 2 things. Either Bin Laden is dead or working with the CIA.

It is well known that Bin Laden suffered serious kidney disease that required dialysis. For years America and the world has been subjected to a string of phony shape shifting Bin Ladens. As a matter of fact, Bin Laden shape shifting videos changed so much over the years that I quit paying attention to them. Bin Laden would go from emaciated and sickly as he appeared before 9/11 to a r


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