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Walnut Beach UFO


Mysterious flying object over near Lake Erie that moves extremely slow over the course of about 5 minutes, then mysteriously disappears. The object seems to face us the entire time with its lights directed towards us. I thought about the possibility of this object being a airplane, but I believe I have ruled that out, because for that to be a plane and for the lights to be visible for us to see then the plane would have to be coming at us head on. We would have never be able to see the lights if the plane was traveling in a heading that would have prevented us from seeing them. However the lights never seem to dull, an the object slowly moves horizontally across the sky, then all of a sudden it dissappears.

We took the recording back home, an ran it through Vegas Movie Studio and analyzed the object frame by frame, an right before the object disappears the light sudden

Added: Sep-15-2010 Occurred On: Mar-18-2010
By: coldturkey
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