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S.Korea K-9 and K-10

K-9 [self-propelled howitzer]
K-10 [armored Mobile Munition Vehicle]

K-10 is World First = armored+auto reLoad Mobile Munition Vehicle

if press 5 key (on touch LCD screen) inside K-10, easily 5 balls move from K-10 to K-9.
K-10 can supply 12 balls to K-9 during 1 min without human power
K-10 can carry 104 balls

K-10 have automatic checking System for finding trouble of inventory
K-10's armor is same with K-9's armor, so defense ability is same with K-9

Korea developed K-66 for K-55 before K-10
K-66 is armored Mobile Munition Vehicle like K-10
but, K-66's systems were half-automatic
so, Korea developed 100% Full automatic systems for K-10 and K-9

the result
total crew decrease 5 to 3
1 driver
1 manager for reRoading order (for pressing touch screen)
1 watcher for watching outside's movement

just 3 crew
K-10 don't need human power during supply ammunition to K

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