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Chem Streaks: Precision Chemtrails of Tomorrow Land. 

When the Europeans first discovered America, the Natives had no idea what the ships were on the horizon. They soon found out though. And it's the same thing here with chemtrails. People aren't understanding what they're seeing, much like the Natives who had no idea what was about to come their way.

This documentary spells out the obvious so that even a sleeping trendy will be amazed. Chemtrails are nothing short of weapons of mass destruction. It's a short term solution to stave off climate change. But in reality, this is treating pollution with more pollution. And the fallout from chemtrails is nothing short of toxic. This is a clear and present danger to humanity and talking about anything else is like ignoring the reality of the situation. We have become the frogs slowly boiling in water. Welcome to the show, folks.... welcome to "tomorrow land."

Added: Jul-11-2014 
By: Jon Rohnson
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