Section 8 Rental - what a sad and upsetting experience

[Via LandLord’s YouTube Page]

"On Friday July 5th 2013, I posted the following video to Facebook as I
was upset about our home which we rented to a Section 8 tenant.
"Within less than 24 hours, the video was shared approximately 200 times.

"Needless to say, I have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like this before
as I am now unable to keep up with all the comments and all the messages
from the video.
"Many have asked that I post the video to different sites which allow
them to share it with more people. With that being said, here is the
"Here is my comment that accompanied the video on 7/5/13"

'Well here it is in all its beauty or what’s left of it! When we first
rented out this house it was in MINT condition….now look at it. I’m not
suggesting that I have a solution for the housing needs of people who
are less fortunate but whatever the government is doing isn’t working!
If you want to see what this house use to look like, then wait till the
end of the video as there will be pictures posted. There u will see what
the house use to look like before we rented it out via Section 8. Take a
quick look…it will blow your mind!'