[WATCH] Veteran BUSTS Wife Cheating In The Act, Here’s What He Did About It

A veteran recently came home to quite the unsettling sight. With his active duty wife at home alone, nothing could have prepared him to find another man in his home on base, but it’s what he did afterwards that has everyone talking. Sadly, that isn’t the end of it.

The entire ordeal has recently been divulged on a Go Fund Me page, where former United States Marine Brian May, 25, is asking for $25,000 to fund his unfortunate divorce. (We say “unfortunate” because he explains that he actually doesn’t want it.) The entire ordeal began back in January of 2015, as Brian states he had just completed 5 years in the military and his wife – also a Marine – still had three years to go.

Unable to find work in Hawaii or enroll in college at the time, the couple’s marriage came under a bit of strain, prompting Brian to move to Florida, where he could both further his education and get a part-time job. As he says, this was also an attempt to “save my marriage,” as his wife had threatened to divorce him if he had spent any more time unemployed – it had been two months at this point.

After completing his semester, he told his wife that he was going to come home, but she told him she wasn’t really comfortable with it. In fact, she went so far as to force Brian to sign over the rights of their daughter to her, as she claimed she was “afraid he’d leave the state with her.” He says he obliged “because 1) I’m naive and foolish and 2) I loved her… unfortunately I still love her.”

However, upon returning home, Brain states that he found a second car in the driveway and immediately whipped out his cell phone to record – this is where the video starts. Upon entering the home, he found his 3-year-old daughter alone, watching something on the computer, and he proceeded upstairs to the bedroom, where he found quite the unsettling sight.

In the bedroom’s bathroom was another man, bent over and kissing his naked wife, who was sitting on the toilet. He then calmly escorted the man out of his house all the while calling him a “Jody.” www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Jody&;amp;defid=1676485 defines this term as, “The hypothetical man (often a sinister character who decided not to go to boot camp) that is doing your girlfriend/wife while you are on deployment overseas.”

The Jody left in a hurry and even ran away in the end.

His wife reportedly immediately attacked him, while still in the nude mind you, trying to get the camera away from Brian after he reminded her that “adultery” was against military code. Worried about her job, she tried to destroy the evidence no matter the cost, resulting in the man sustaining bruising and ripped clothing.

Sadly, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

As it turns out, Brain’s wife had been planning for quite some time to divorce him and had even traveled to New York to see a lawyer – his father’s girlfriend, who had agreed to represent her throughout the divorce for free – during her time of leave. Friends also noted that since he was gone, their 3-year-old daughter had been left unattended on several and frequent occasion as her mother (his wife) carried out a life of boozing.

Seeing how he had signed away his parental rights, he’s now having difficulty taking his daughter away from the hell hole she’s apparently been living in, and it hasn’t been easy – or cheap. In fact, that’s been the point the whole time.

According to Brian, his wife filed for divorce in New York so that he’d have to fight the costly divorce on two fronts. The fact that she’s getting help for free in one of the states makes it so that she has a pretty substantial advantage over him, which is why he’s asking for help with the assistance of a www.gofundme.com/devistatedfather campaign.

At the current time, he’s got just over $2,000 of his $25,000 goal, saying that he’s only been able to afford legal counsel at this time, as he’s been maxing out credit cards with no way to pay them back. Now, I can’t say for certain that this guy is giving the entire, unadulterated truth, but even if this is partially true, the middle of a divorce is no place for a child to be – especially being used as a pawn.

Regardless of who is right in all this, this girl doesn’t deserve this, and cheating on one’s spouse is never acceptable.



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