"USSR attacked and invaded Germany, I remember it clearly"

According to the prime minister Square, the Russian Federation, "trying to rewrite" the results of the Second World War

On Thursday, January 8th, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who is currently on an official visit in Berlin, demonstrated to the world his knowledge of history.
In particular, he said that in 1941 it was the USSR who invaded Germany and Ukraine. According to the politician, he "remembers it clearly".
Moreover, according to Yatsenyuk, the Russian Federation is now "trying to rewrite" the results of the Second World War.
"We all remember the USSR invasion of the Germany and Ukraine. We must not allow this [again]. And no one has the right to rewrite the results of the Second World War, and that is what Russian president trying to do, "- said Ukrainian Prime Minister in an interview with German TV channel ARD.
By the way, in August last year it was announced that Ukraine plans to make changes to the history textbooks [for schools]. Then it was reported that the Great Patriotic War [that how WWII been called in USSR republics and in Ukraine till now] , Kiev intends to rename into the "Soviet-German War". But later Kiev announced plans to replace the name "Great Patriotic War" to "World War II".