Idomene - Biggest refugee camp in Europe

In Idomene, Greece, according to estimates of local authorities, nearly 20-25,000 refugees and migrenata wait in tents to cross border with FYROM (macedonia). More than three thousand people are still waiting at the border to enter Macedonia. While there emerges a small city, Athens is considering to declare a state of emergency. From midnight in Macedonia has not entered any refugees.

The camp Idomeni teeming with refugees. But, in spite of the fire, some kids are freezing because they sleep in the open. A few degrees warmer were those who stayed overnight in thin tents. But not enough warm.

Camping in Idomeni is kr, and almost hundredth of new refugees every hour coming at him. Some have been here for five days, and the Greek authorities are bringing new tents and preparing the ground counting to refugees here could spend several weeks.

On the other end of the line compliments the Czech Minister of Police counterpart, slowing the flow.

"The refugee wave of increasingly pressing Macedonia. Everyone should take their share of responsibility," says Milan Hovanec, Interior Minister of the Czech Republic.

People in Idomeni spend their days in a row. For food, wood, various certificates. Muhamed Džaruši Homs has just arrived. Waiting to be registered. Family tells the bad news - that he might spend the week sleeping on the ground. He escaped from the Islamists, the story of the horror that is video.

"If you say the wrong thing to cut your head off," said Muhamed Džaruši from Syria.

Disappointed, he says, because Europe is thought to have come to camp.

"We escaped from the war, I do not think we slept on the ground, in the cold," said Muhamed Džaruši.

His compatriot, a doctor from Rake, the capital of the so-called Islamic state, be afraid that someone you do not recognize. Believes that Islamists everywhere have their own people. He hopes to soon see Belgrade, where he had spent nine years at the scientific conference.

Greece: Hundreds migrenata go to the Macedonian border

More than 400 migrenata brought down the transit refugee camp near Thessaloniki, and move towards the Greek-Macedonian border. Pass Idomeni go to large groups of migrants from other parts of Greece.

Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris says the migrants with backpackers headed for the north of the country, and police confirmed that they went to the border with Macedonia.

"Among them are mostly young. Neither the army nor the police can not stop them, because there is a risk of incidents," said Boutaris local radio.

In the central part of Greece, about 200 people, with police escort, went to the city wall.

"That's the whole family. How can we stop them? Everyone wants to Idomeni," said one police source told AFP.

The third group, of about 500 migrants headed toward the city of Kozani, in northern Greece, is also the border with Macedonia, Xinhua news agency ANA.

For now it is not known which countries encouraged migrants, according to Agence France Presse.

Idomeni border crossing, through which a large number of migrants crossing the border to Macedonia, recently may cross only Syrians and Iraqis. Today's permission to cross the border received only 100 migrants.

Through this border crossing from Sunday can not cross Afghanistan since their Serbian and Croatian authorities have banned to transit through the territory of the two countries, and that the grounds for this have not been explained, according to Agence France Presse.

Crossing the Greek-Macedonian border now very long. Therefore, the Greek authorities part of migrants sent to the Centers Diavata and the system.

Tabanovci, migrants from Afghanistan unsolvable problem

In Tabanovci is located about 850 migrants mostly from Afghanistan, which can not exceed the Serbian side of the border.

Year-old Ramin Popal from Afghanistan in the Centre in TABANOVCE eat for seven days. He says he's from Afghanistan started 40 days ago and he does not understand why he was waiting in Macedonia.

"This is unbelievable and I was shocked. In one tent per 200 people. There are families with small children, old and sick," says Popal.

In TABANOVCE the 737 migrants from Afghanistan and 120 in Iraq. Most say that he wants to Germany and their papers are in order.

"When we arrived here on February 19, we were told that our papers are good. Then they say that something is wrong and that we need to wait and we're here for seven days," says a migrant from Afghanistan Mohammed Salim.

Said Hasan Shah in Afghanistan points out that in a reception center in Tabanovce no bathroom nor toilets.

"Food is the same every day and all sleep in one tent," said Sah.

For medical assistance at the camp have been charged with four teams of the Red Cross of Macedonia, on call around the clock.

"Most often suffer from infections and respiratornyh to the main children, women or the young population," said Abdulsalam Salou from the Red Cross of Macedonia.

The Reception Centre in TABANOVCE do not know how to solve the problem with migrants from Afghanistan.

"The problem is that Croatia does not leak migrants and this is now reflected in the whole Balkan route", says the head of the Reception Centre in TABANOVCE Goran Stojanovski.

According to the data of the Macedonian authorities, through the reception center from the middle of last year has seen more than 300,000 migrants, including many children without parents.

Migrants fleeing from the Greek camp, packed in Gevgelija

Seeing the Macedonian flag for many who are eating the flesh on the Balkan relief. It's hard to passing strict and long control jointly implemented with local Czech, Slovak and Hungarian police officers. It is not easy for volunteers who help refugees to prove where they were.

"There are many, many problems. A little illogical to ask for a passport or identity card of the refugees," says Tara Petkovska.

Representatives of the UN does not want to criticize the government's decision, but state bizarre situation. For someone tragic.

"Yesterday, for example, we have a situation where the family is separated. A woman with two children escaped to Macedonia, while her husband, who could not prove nationality, remained in Greece," said Fahad Hajdar, a representative of the UNHCR in the camp Ðevdelija .

On the other side of the border, in the Greek camp Evzoni arose a new small town.

Since this morning is raised from 100 to 150 tents. Were set during the day because the main camp completely filled. In addition to missing the city lacking even the basic necessities - shoes, wardrobe, food.

Four family toy Kurds were settled on the lawn, where they make rice soup-which offered the opportunity RTS, although they empty stomach.

"There are too many people here. And there's no food. We are very hungry," said Abdul Osman.

The migrants are aware of the new regulations. Documents saved as eyes in his head. Ravca Hedar says he had good reason to escape and shows his picture in uniform.

"I fled from Iraq by the Islamic state. I can not lose the document as it will take me back there. I am Peshmerga (the name of the military forces of Iraqi Kurdistan)," said Ravca Hedar.

Syrians who have fled for the same reason, they are now fleeing again - from the camp near Thessaloniki. Part of the road to the border crossing the taxis, and say at least 40 kilometers on foot.

"The police have one, two, three days, talked to wait. We could not, and the people went," says Azad, refugees from Syria.

I do not know that the camp u going already full and that the entrance into Macedonia waiting for days. Police in the afternoon tried to board the buses Afghans to make them come back to the Athens and unloaded. They did not want to enter.

Refugees continue to arrive in camps in Greece

During the night, the refugees are still arriving at the camp in Idomeni. On the Greek-Macedonian border is currently around 4,000 migrants.

More than 3,000 people located in the temporary detention center in the border town of Idomeni, while only 150 refugees from Syria and Iraq took a buffer zone between Greece and Macedonia, according to the Greek police.

In camps in Greece does not have a tent, cold, and during the last night it rained, reports correspondent of RTS.

Among migrants, there are many children who are shaking from the cold.

Police said that another 1,300 refugees located in Polikastro, near the gas station, reported the Greek agency ANA.

In Greece, according to government estimates, nearly 15,000 refugees and migrants. It is estimated that the camp could accommodate 20,000 people.

A tense situation is in a transit camp in Tabanovce on the border with Serbia, where the fifth day there are more than 300 Afghans. All of them have been returned to the Croatian border and from the Preševo ??Tabanovce.

The representative of the Macedonian Red Cross in the camp Sanja Rosevska told Tanjug that in the last two days more sick migranata.cka police.

"We are here 24 hours and we have the maximum assistance in food, water, clothes and doctors and give them medication. How is this time the variable is also an increased number of sick most of respiratory infections. The most common are sick children and the elderly," said the Rosevska.

Migrants are housed in three large tents and a dozen smaller containers or beds does for all of them which is why this match sleep on the floor and benches.

Young Afghans spend most of his time near the railway line in Tabanovce, hoping that they will dozvliti to go back to Serbia and then to Austria and Germany.

A little more than a hundred managed yesterday to move to Macedonia, because the camp in Gevgelija hard not to let the refugees until they vacate their camp. That is why the sites in Greece are full.

On the other stranger, in a reception center in Presevo morning not a single migrant.

About 500 migrants were transported yesterday put Sid.


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