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Repressing the Depression by Printing More Money says Harvard Professor Pt 1

This is a collage of recent videos about the state of our economy. The information being reported is only the half of it. It's much worse!

Cost of the Bailout 3.5T So Far But 'Real' Cost May Be Much Higher,FNM,FRE,XLF,^DJI,^GSPC,C

Bailout Now About $5 Trillion

Ron Paul and Why the Bailout Should Make You Afraid, Very Afraid

Is Ohio's Unemployment Rate Higher Than Officials Say?

Shadow Government Statistics - Is the government manipulating numbers to make the economy look better than it really is?

Food Pantries Face Fund Cuts, Shortages

The Worst Is Not Behind Us

Washington is Powerles

Added: Nov-16-2008 
By: Redpill4u
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