Russia: Meet Siberia's 'Rapunzel', the Instagram icon whose hair reaches her SHINS

With her flowing brown hair almost reaching the floor, Daria Gubanova could be Russia's answer to the fairytale heroine Rapunzel, with the 26-year-old student showing off her luxurious locks from her hometown, the Siberian city of Barnaul, Friday.

SOT, Daria Gubanova (Russian): "I always say, that there is no secret [in my long hair]. First of all it is genetics. My mother and grandmother had long hair. The most important thing is not to use dyes, chemicals, take care of my hair, and make treatments. Usually I use old wives' recipes and wraps made from vegetable oil or sour cream."

SOT, Daria Gubanova (Russian): "I have not cut my hair for 13 years. Many people say that I have not trimmed hair tips. I trim the tips twice a year, cutting off from 10 to 15 centimetres. I'm going to grow my hair to my toes. I just want it."

SOT, Daria Gubanova (Russian): "I do not consider myself an Instagram star. I have a positive attitude from the fact that a lot of people follow me. I think it is nice. Many people ask me for advice. I communicate with everyone."


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