Israeli avian spy effort continue - An eagle captured in Lebanon accused of collaborating with Zionists (updated)

Just over a month after Zionist scheme to with a stalk was foiled, Hezbollah news network "Al Manar" report Lebanese vigilant citizens captured an eagle that wore an incriminating metal tag clearly marked by Tel Aviv university in Israel. The bird's explanation that he was an endangered specie and that the tracking device he wore was part of research on its population did not impress the brave Lebanese men who quickly eliminate the threat and executed the infidel bird on the spot. The remains were shipped to experts for further investigation.;amp;amp;frid=21&seccatid=19&cid=21&fromval=1

the body of the spy

clear evidence of its affiliation

red circle in case you couldn't spot the metal ring

Tel Aviv University commented that the bird was part of study of predatory birds conducted over the last two years. The Nature and Parks Authority commented according to number published the bird is rare Bonelli's Eagle hatched in the Mount Carmel nursery in the spring of 2011 and released to nature the following December as part of the effort to rehabilitate the near extinct specie which only 20 pairs of which remains in the Israeli wild. Ohad Hatzofe, chief bird ecologist in the The Nature and Parks Authority says the rare bird exhibit in the picture that he change his tail feathers and enter sexual maturity, and could have mated by the spring of 2014.