The Jesus and Mary Chain - North London Poly Riot 1985

Ahhh... the memories :) "The violence that followed the band's every action culminated in an event that is now a part of indie folklore. On March 15, 1985, the Jesus and Mary Chain played a gig at the North London Polytechnic in front of one of their largest crowds up to that point. Support band Meat Whiplash had stirred up violence before the Mary Chain even set foot onto the stage by throwing back into the audience a bottle thrown at them. By the time the Mary Chain started their short set, the audience was already in the mood for violence, and because of its size (the venue was oversold), the riot that occurred was far bigger and wilder than any other that had occurred at a Jesus and Mary Chain gig. The fans trashed the venue and the band's equipment, resulting in four people being taken to hospital. An estimated ?8000 of damage was caused. The music press were present at the show, and this event subsequently became known as "The Jesus and Mary Chain Riot".

According to Anthony Kiedis' autobiography 'Scar Tissue' The Jesus and Mary Chain were renowned for their bad behaviour on the second Lollapalooza tour. In Kiedis' own words: "The whole show was a lovefest except for the Jesus and Mary Chain, this British group, who were just bitter. They'd polish off a giant bottle of booze by two in the afternoon and curse and put everyone down. One time they went too far with the guys from Ice Cube's band, and they got themselves a beating."


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