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EU tells Britain not to mention the "m" word

Yet more EU meddling in Britain's affairs as it emerged that the EU has told Britain not to use the word "Muslim" when talking about terrorism.

An EU document has been issued to all governments containing "non offensive" phrases which should be used when talking about terrorism. Words believed to be banned include "jihad", "fundamentalist" or "Islamic". The EU claims that this is to avoid alienating Muslims in Europe and stop the encouragement of divisions.

Critics slammed the phrases as an attack against free speech and that the EU had no business telling governments how to deal with the threat of terrorism. All the "non-emotive" phrases in the world will not stop terrorist targeting the UK.

Would the EU bend over backwards to avoid upsetting Christians in the way it does to avoid offending Muslims? It is time the monstrous EU stopped meddling in British affairs. Even some memb


Added: Jul-17-2007 
By: scotte
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