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"The Jews" And US Army Are Plundering Iraqi Antiquities.

Aired on Baghdad TV on May 4, 2008 : Iraqi Restoration Expert Miqdad Al-Baghdadi Accuses "The Jews" and US Army of Plundering Iraqi Antiquities :
Following is an interview with Iraqi restoration expert Miqdad Al-Baghdadi, which aired on Baghdad TV on May 4, 2008:

Miqdad Al-Baghdadi: Another very dangerous element is Judaism. The Jews look for any historical evidence that will establish their rights in the region. The library uncovered in Assur the Library of Assurbanipal which consists of more than 30,000 clay tablets, is called the library of clay tablets, the Library of Assurbanipal. This library has been taken... Not a single tablet has been left in Iraq. The Jews tried to find...

Interviewer: Where has it been taken to?

Miqdad Al-Baghdadi: To Britain.


The Jews are trying to find any trace that they ever existed in this region, but so far, they have been uns

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