Jewish State terrorists lynchs Palestinian bus driver in Jerusalem

The barbaric and savage terrorist acts of the Jewish State continues, this time in occupied East Jerusalem. A group of illegal settlers hanged a Palestinian bus driver in the continuation of their terrorist campaign this year that have included over 2200 people killed in Gaza, dozens in the West Bank and increased numbers in Jerusalem.

Earlier this year 15-year old kid Mohammed Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem was burned alive by the Jewish barbarians of JS, and now this Palestinian worker has been hanged. The savagery of these animals have no limits.
Israeli authorities will surely try to frame this as a "suicide" despite witnesses on the scene, just like they claimed Abu Khdeir were burned by family members for "being gay", which later on evidently was false.

This murder comes in tact with the increasing number of Jewish incursions into the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and their calls of destroying it in order to build a Jewish temple.

Terrorists of the Jewish State.

Place of terrorist attack.

Pictures of victim Yosif Romana (32 year old father of two) and his children..