New soldiers comming to Syria

Gogle translate (sorry for that, my russian is not best :P)According to sources from CIA and FSB in Europe, after mujaheedins from Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Turkey, new wave of warriors comming in Syria from Europe.
This time is soldiers from Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Finland. Reason for involving in Syria civil war is protection of christians villages.
In meantime, serbian and croatian police in city of Pula, stopped cargo with weapons for this actions in Syria.Cargo including serbian riffles m21, machine gun m84, sniper blackarrow, The Bumbar, croatian VHS-D, mortars, grenades etc and probably parts for Lazar BTR.

Interesting thing, this is first time after 100 years, where Serbs and Croats soldiers fight together.
USA and EU administration trying to stop this action, pressing Croatia and Serbia. Comming of christians soldiers, maybe started new conflict between christians and muslim in Egypt, Jordan and Plaestine. This is what the Obama administration feared would happen if this soldiers comming in Syria this days.

Sources: Russian Karodsky news