ALEPPO: CONFIRMED! 157 REBELS BELONGING TO THE FSA were sacrificed in order to extract 5 Saudi rebels holed up in Syria's Aleppo.

One of the rebels was the son of an unnamed Saudi businessman and close friend of the "royal" family of Saud.

Here are the details some of which are derived from reporting by Al-'Alam:

With the announcement of "OPERATION NORTHERN TEMPEST", foreign rebels hiding in northern quarters of Aleppo began to feel the noose tighten.

As the Syrian army started to occupy most escape routes, especially at Kafr Hamra and Hanaano, telephone calls from "Saudi-accented" rebels to family in Jedda and Riyadh filled the airwaves.

The message?

"Please, daddy, do what you can to get us out of here before the Syrian Army enters".

As SyrPer reliably reported to you days ago, the orders are to kill all foreign rebels without mercy.

The terrorist mercenaries are aware of this and anticipate no reasonable hope of emerging from the invasion with their skins intact.

"General" Salim Idrees ,He is said to be inconsolable

According to our sources, the Al-Alam article is accurate.

Families of the 5 Saudi (or Gulf) rebels
contacted their influential friends in the Saudi regime and insisted that steps be taken to remove them safely from Aleppo before the Syrian army moves in for the kill.

It is reported that "Prince" Faisal '' and foreign minister of S.A., personally called "General" Salim Idrees of the (FSA) in Apaydin and "demanded" that the former Syrian army general "makes sure" to get the Arabian rebels out.

According to Aslan, Idrees was "livid" with anger that he had to devote assets at such a crucial time for the purpose of extracting Arabian rebels from the battle zone.

Aslan writes that the demand was followed up with a threat to "stop supplies and support" to Idrees if he failed to take those steps.

In order to get the Saudi and Gulf rebels out, an escape corridor had to be set up just for them.

This meant, given the present circumstances, that sacrifice had to be made in uniformed rebels and materiel.

Efforts to enlist the aid of Jabhat Al-Nusra through its affiliate, "Al-Faarooq Brigades" met with failure since the fanatical Islamists refused to aid a bunch of Saudis who had originally volunteered to fight with them and now wanted to run away before the siege had begun.

This left the FSA to fend for itself.

According to Aslan, on or about June 16, 2013, FSA opened up some artillery fire to create a diversion so as to give cover to a large operation to extract the Ayraab rebels from Aleppo.

A corridor was temporarily opened through the Hanano Residencies northeast, then northwest through the outer margin of the industrial zone.

In order to make the plan work, the Arabian rebels were trussed up in body armor and helmets, stuffed into 2 Mitsubishi vans and spirited helter-skelter out of the city under cover of artillery and darkness.

But, as Idrees well knew, his officers were testing the might of the 4th Armored division including very well-trained Ba'ath Party Youth militia liaised with them and hordes of Military Intelligence agents.

The ride out of Aleppo must have been jolly good fun for the Arabs as they shivered and urinated in their dishdaashas.

Once the operation was over, Aslan reports that 157 rebels of the FSA were killed, of whom 5 were high-value deserters from the SAA acting as field commanders.

The result was disastrous for Saleem Idrees and his feckless, luckless, lustreless army of rebels.

He is said to be inconsolable.