Coordinated protests delay 11 Bank of America branch openings to save Rev Vanzant's home

On the 29th of September, Occupy activists lauched coordinated protests
against every branch of Bank of America in DC that normally opens on
Saturday, all 11 of them. All were late to open, some stayed closed an
hour or more.

The message at the Georgetown branch of Bank of America was "Due to
protest activity we will be delaying opening." At Dupont Circle, the
bank refused out of cowardice to let account holders enter the bank to
cash checks because peaceful protesters were outside-at one point just
three of them.

The Colombia Heights branch managed to open, but not on time. Anyone
entering had to pass through the protest and behind the banner. This
greatly reduced business. They were also the focus of a growing crowd
when other bank branches closed at noon, as they remain open until one.

At many bank branchs cops made threats of arrest that proved to be
bluffs when called. At Columbia Heights, at one point cops threatened to
arrest the cheerleaders for a chant deemed "obscene" and were told to
put up or shut up. They also made a serious mistake: Several times they
tries to order people to clear the sidewalk, and in the end everyone did
exactly that, moving the protest to the street. This blocked the
intersection of Irving St and 14th st, and the cops were unable to do
anything but bluff some more until protesters left the street on their

All this was because Bank of America is still trying to foreclose on Rev
Vanzant's home. When he became ill and asked for a loan modification,
he was told he had to go behind on his payments to become eligable for a
loan modification. When he followed the bank's advice, they decided to
turn around and begin foreclosure proceedings instead! They were
refusing even to discuss the issue until an earler protest, and have yet
to offer to set things right.

One woman at the Mount Pleasant branch of Bof A closed her account on
the spot after hearing about how Bank of America is treating Reverend
Vanzant. Bank of America needs to let Reverend Vanzant stay in his home,
stop then rest of their crooked and robosigned foreclosures, and return
every penny of taxpayer bailout money from 2008 that was spend on
things like yachts for senior executives.